Spongcell at Carson Workshop, api, api, api

February 16, 2006

I went to the Carson Workshop in London last week. This picture is proof:
me at carson

The big message was that every application should have a mountain of public apis. Flickr and Amazon are always the big examples. Spongecell has a few channels for retrieving events and some methods for creating events and we’ll have some more soon.

Someone presenting at Carson mentioned that once you publicize an api you cannot change it. People will be using that api and how are they going to recall that application they created that uses your api? They can’t. So make sure the api is right the first time.

That’s swell, I thought. I’ll think about my apis before I put them out there.

and then yesterday the president discovered this script!!!

I didn’t tell anyone they could use my javascript functions as a public interface! We had planned on people sending and receiving data with spongecell but I never expected someone to stick their fingers into our innards. This is great! People have asked us to become open source but there’s no need to ask. Just create a grease monkey script and you are in control.

Mr. w4g3n3r wrote a greasmonkey script that enables the scroll wheel inside of spongecell. Scrolling up or down will change the days displayed in your calendar. You can also zoom out and in if you scroll while holding the space bar down. I never got around to including this functionality mostly because browser scroll-wheel support is poor for macs. Thank you Mr. w4g3n3r! now I don’t have to write this.

I never thought I would write a blog but now I need some way for you to hear my exclamation.

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