Frenchy Le Tech

August 16, 2006

I went to the French American Tech Connection event last night. Here are my summaries:
Create your own tv show online! They accept video from anywhere, let you edit it online, and transmit it to anywhere.
This is sort of cool. They let other services go mobile easy. For example, kayak made a service for them so if I text “kayak sfo to lax” to 411sync I can get back prices for flights. They were vague about their technology but said they received sms messages using a “sim card hooked up to some other technology.” They denied having a cell phone sitting in their living room that received all their messages.
These guys make wap apps of your favorite desktop apps. From a wap page on my phone I can use outlook. I think you can edit and create events, they demoed that you can at least delete events. Spongecell needs wap. Soonr also lets you use skype from your cell phone which would be useful for internationals.
They claim to be the google of the cell phone. and to have free form NLP. Spongecell prides itself on its NLP so of course I gave these guys a hard time. I asked for an example of the free form NLP and they said you could query for “sf movies” in addition to “movies sf” and get back the same response. They also gave me a postcard of search terms that were useful. They had a movie playing in the background of someone peeling potatoes with their feet.

2 Responses to “Frenchy Le Tech”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for coming out!
    Somehow you missed out on plum ( for content storage and sharing. I’m glad you enjoyed the event and we’ll see you at Cool Demos in September.

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