Scale with Rails

August 29, 2006

I went to the Scale with Rails conference last week in Laguna Beach. I didn’t take any pictures of the six of us sitting there with our matching silver macbooks but here’s a picture of Dylan at Hennesy’s on karaoke night.

The conference was really more of a fireside chat. Jason told us about his experiences and was able to give us some rules of thumb about scaling and configurations. This will probably save me some time in the future when I am experimenting with different setups for Spongecell.

I was very interested to learn about DB scaling. Some sites that have proved their ability to grow often have data that is easily partitioned by user. For example, email sites can easily partition data. Google calendar has limited sharing of events. You typically have to copy an event if you want it on your calendar. Spongecell wants better social information so we want people to be sharing events as much as possible. Can we scale and still do this?

On day 2 we did some benchmarking. We also saw dtrace in action. This tool profiles the entire system but currently is only on solaris. Supposedly it’ll be in Jaguar.

I stayed a few days after the conference to enjoy the south coast and work on tanning my receding hair line.
We walked across the border coming back from TJ and even though they x-rayed my bag we still got some fireworks and cuban cigars home.

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