The Future Web Apps SF

September 14, 2006

I went to the Future of Web Apps in London earlier this year as Spongecell’s avid blog readers already know. In SF all I do is crash the parties. Last night the party was at Mighty in Potrero Hill.
This is James Hamilton of Yahoo! He is a prominent PM in the media division and did some very successful networking in between shots of Patron. In this picture I caught him illuminated by the Google schwag light cubes. What would be better than a heat generating plastic light in your premium cocktail? Answer: ice.
I saw Cal Henderson of Flickr in London and here he is again in SF. He was trying to see how much Google schwag he could fit in his mouth. According to my watch he just finished his talk at the conference.

One Response to “The Future Web Apps SF”

  1. […] We did a lot more than just schmoozing with big names while we were there. Here is Blythe fixing bugs with me by the pool at Ceasar’s Palace. Also is a picture of James. His pic didn’t come out too well but I posted it anyways because it reminded me of a previous posting. […]

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