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Open Source Flying

April 22, 2014

Open source code is great because anyone can use it. I’ve recently been contributing code to three open source projects. Firstly. I created an iOS wrapper for the open source airport data found at Thanks for maintaining the data, ourairports!


I also contributed to a wrapper for the world magnetic model. I think this code exists in iOS already because the functionality exists in the compass app but Apple isn’t sharing it with developers.  Thanks for maintaining the model, Stephen!

The above two projects are used in the wildly popular NRST: Descent Rate & Airport Finder. I’ll post more about that later.

I’ve been using and trying to advocate for Yalldo. It’s a great social network for flying and I hope it catches on more. Their apps let you record flights that can then be posted online. I noticed that if the app quits, which is not uncommon for long running background apps, the GPS trace will be lost. I emailed Antoine and offered some code for persisting traces. See below. Thanks for maintaining the social network, Antoine!



Best Movie of 2013

April 22, 2014

The best movie I saw in 2013 was Wreck-It Ralph although some people may claim that movie is from 2012. Sugar Rush and Sarah Silverman are perfect. The allusions to old school video games never stop. Love it.


Best Movie of 2012

January 2, 2014

I haven’t been able to think of the best movie of 2013. Let me think about it some more.

Gravity was OK. My favorite line from Sandra was “No hablo Chino” when she was trying to understand the Chinese space computer.

The best movie of 2012 was clearly Cabin the Woods. It successfully satires the campy horror film genre while being a successful campy horror film at the same time. Maybe Joss will do us a favor and make a sequel, prequel or a series illustrating how they caught the merman, witch, sexy witch, etc..