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Transportable Media is Passé

August 8, 2013

I’m a student pilot and thought I would try out a flight simulator for the Mac. X-Plane has a downloadable demo but to purchase it requires DVDs. They even state that the DVD must be in your computer to run the full version.

I’ve been saying to people for a long time that transportable media is passé. Apple agrees with that having removed optical drives from their computers. My building has Webpass so I could download 200 GB in less than 5 hours according to a recent speed test. Coincidently James from an earlier post works at Webpass now. Thanks for the speediness.

X-Plane seems pretty good. I did some landings at SQL (San Carlos airport) with the demo version which didn’t include scenery for that area. I’d like to see better support for multiple monitors. My MBP with no optical drive has 2 thunderbolts and an HDMI dying to power my cockpit.

So I wait for a downloadable version. Either that or maybe the old powerbook hanging on my wall as a digital picture frame has a drive that still works.


The Change Club

May 17, 2013

A big life change like leaving your startup is sometimes long overdue. If you’re fortunate enough to have saved some money and still have airline status from all those business trips you took then buy a vacation to Mexico and have some free beers in the club. Enjoy it while you can because your status will run out and you might be too busy soon on your next startup idea.